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I'm empty nester-wifey-teacher-grandmother-chef-crafter, who loves to learn new stuff. I'm always trying a new recipe, reading a crafting or decorating blog, painting something, playing on facebook, writing or taking pictures of fun things I'm doing.
This was on Father's Day at our BBQ out back. We made some strawberry banana homemade ice cream and I made John's favorite butterscotch chocolate chip cookies for desert. Here is me with 3 of my grandkids. 
My very favorite thing to do in this world is hang with my hubs because he is funny and he always makes me laugh. We like to eat yummy food, juggling our plates and laptops, on our own individual couches, watching something on Netflix or Redbox. Yes, it's true, we are classic couch potatoes. Or we like to go play with family. Check out one of my favorite days this year.

My second fav thing to do is play with my 8 little grandkids ages 0 to 8. ALL of them are girls except 1 darling and spoiled by me boy,  so it's always a tea party or a Barbie fest around these parts. I document fun stuff we do together at my blog called Patties Place. Check it out here http://www.pattiesplace.com/  I love shopping for them, buying new toys or getting tickets to Disney on Ice with them, our yearly tradition. We also love making sugar cookies together. Check out our Christmas youtube.....
My third fav thing to do is have family and friends over for a dinner party. I love to cook and I love to eat. And I love my 4 kids. So I started a foodie blog to share all my recipes with my kids. (in case I die in a plane crash or something). Check it out http://weekdaychef.blogspot.com.

 My fourth fav thing is teaching my elementary school kids. I get to, you know, use paint and glitter and I get PAID for it!! I'm just waiting till somebody catches up to my scam! No really, I love teaching reading and writing and adding and subtracting. I love kids and I love that feeling of seeing kids "get it" when they learn something new. It is very fulfilling to me. If you are a teacher too, check out my teacher blog  http://pattiesclassroom.blogspot.com. I don't try to sell you anything at ALL either! And since I've always believed in working on "5 Important Things" in life......my 5th favorite thing to do is listening to beautiful music while I'm out in nature.  I love my cabin at Bear Lake and walking through a waterfall hiking trail, or jet skiing on an aqua blue lake with my ipod in my ear, or gardening and seeing my flower bulbs erupting in the springtime. And if chocolate could be part of nature, I would add it to my list. But it's not so I'll end there.

But if you love music too check out my Primary Music Leader blog. http://pattiesprimaryplace.blogspot.com. And I just  got this frickin good toy for Christmas from the hubs. It is better than James Blunt and Superman!

 I've been a music leader 4 different times and I've led kids' choirs and musicals and Melodramas and Roadshows, and I've written many 1st and 2nd grade end-of -the year productions. I can teach an old dog a new trick, or a young dog a new trick, or a person something about old dogs....I've got one of those too. His name is Bruce. We call him Brucifer when he is bad. He's bad a lot!  :D  My hubs made this funny video. Don't watch it for long because nothing at all happens. He just lays there sleeping the enTIRE time! :O

Thanks for visiting me and my blogs.  Send me an email of you want to get in touch with me at



Kelli Erickson said...

Do you have a pattern for your sprout house? It is so cute and I would like to use it.

Janet Riley said...

I would also love one if you dont mind sharing!

Dawn Young said...

Can you please tell me where to find the cute military people coloring pages I see on you Veteran's Day Activities? Thank you!!

Pattie Moss said...

Nope. I got it from another teacher many years ago. You could make up one using a house shape and type Sprout house, and then cut out a square inside. It would be easy to do. I'm not great with making downloadables yet. :D

Careen Hall said...

Hi Pattie

I am doing an assignment with my university and I have used that same felt healthy food pyramid for my workshops on prac.

I was wondering with your permission, can I please use your image for my group website and attribute this photo as your work please. I will even put your website as a link for people to go and visit your page too. I ask this because I can't find any of my photos and thought that I would look for a image that I might be able to use on the internet.

Cheers Careen

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