Sunday, March 31, 2013

Peter Rabbit Pop Up Books

 The week before Spring Break we read the famous children's book The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. 
 Did you know it is the most famous children's book worldwide? Yes it is. I have 4 different copies from 4 different printings. Each has a different illustrator. But they all have the same text. I love this story.

 It has a moral to the story that Peter should have obeyed his mother when she told him not to go into Mr. McGreggor's garden. He disobeys and gets into all sorts of scary trouble. Shoulda minded his mama!
 The kids color the pictures and do a simple retell and glue on pop up pictures of Peter in various situations in the garden. It always turns out really pretty.
I took a few pictures of some of them. The kids chose their own covers from pink, yellow, green or blue. Then they went to work constructing their pop up books. It only took 2 reading periods. They are pretty fast at any task I give them now. 

They are proud of their pop up books.  
Happy Easter Everybody! Hope you all get some good treats from the Easter Bunny! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Capacity Man or Gallon Guy

We did a fun activity as part of our measurement unit. It is called Capacity Man or Gallon Guy.  This week we will be making  Gallon Robot to teach cups, pints, quarts, and gallon. I start by having the kids watch the above video. I also have a poster in the class that shows cups, pints, quarts and gallons. So we have a little discussion. Then we look at Brainpop's game on the web during our computer time. It's a fun interactive game you can find HERE. My students love to learn these things and play them on the ipod too.
Gallon Guy Art Project
Gallon Guy is a kind of Capacity Man.  It will help teach the different types and vocabulary for liquid measurements. Measurement is limited in our core, but since this is a gifted class of kids, I thought I would add capacity for enrichment, and also it is in our Envision Math series.  I do like this Monster Math Guy a lot better.  He has all the liquid capacity terms and you could have the kids copy him but make their own "monster" or "robot" art project just using the cups and pints and gallons in correct sizes but choose their colors and make their own monster face.  You could call it your measurement monsters.
I found this cute pic at Squidoo HERE. It looks fun and easy.

We learned that 4 quarts = 1 gallon, 2 pints = 1 quart, 8 pints = 1 gallon, 4 cups = 1 quart, 16 cups = 1 gallon, etc.
 This gives you the idea how to structure your own Capacity Man.  I'm going to use similar sizes and colors to this guy to make for my classroom. A nice blackline master of all the shapes can be found HERE at Education World.

robot kids craft
HERE at No Time For Flashcards I found this cute robot we could use as an idea of where to start on
our "Gallon Guy". The kids could design their own robot faces for their gallon guy "robot" instead of the paper plate which looks kinda plain.  Let's be creative with our gallon guy!  Plus we can get rid of some of our paper scraps in the process! 

You'll need 3 sheets of paper, each one a different color to make the cups, pints and quarts.  Then I used a gray 8 x 9 piece  for his head and a blue 10 x 10 piece for his body.
This cute rendition of Gallon Guy or Gallon Girl is from Coon Dogs. 
The cutest one I found online was this one....It's from HERE is a free download from Amber Polk at Adventures of a 3rd Grade Teacher.  It is really cute. It's a Gallon Man with the body of a Superhero! That would be so fun for my kids too.  She has a download for the quart, pin, cup face and chest area.  I'm thinking I'll still do the robot head.  Even though superhero is also a cute idea.   2 cups is a pint. 2 pints is a quart, 4 quarts is a gallon. 4 cups is a quart, 2 quarts is 1/2 a gallon. Kids can learn and memorize these Capacity Measurements with their Gallon Guy.

 So HERE are OUR Capacity Robots.  The kids named them everything from Gallon Guy and Gallon Girl to Gallon Bot 3000. They all turned out looking quite cute.  I like the superhero idea too but I thought my little guys would do a better job making a creative robot face with scraps of recycled construction paper.
Here was my sample and our class brainstorm for names for the Gallon  Robots. They each named their own guy. 
Teaching Volume and Capacity through this art project was great!  
Capacity Man, Gallon Man, Gallon's all the same.....
Some added necks and buttons to their Gallon Guy Robots too....
This one had 3D parts on the face...Love the Billy Bob "Bot"  hehe...
Yes this gallonator looks like a Gladiator, doesn't it?  
Gallon Girl ...but she's having a bad hair day.....:
Gallon Girls and Guys - All the kids really understood capacity measurement after this activity....
SUPER gladiator!  Eek! He's a little scary looking! 
We did 5 measurement centers to go along with our math unit in measurement this week. HERE is the link to our measurement centers.
Hope you enjoyed our Measurement Men!  
The kids learned how to tell me how many cups, pints, and quarts were in a gallon.    Her FREE LINK is HERE. It is by Amber Polk. It is really cute weather you go the superhero route or the robot route, both are great learning tools. And our robots turned out really fun!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Classroom Fun

HERE at Mathwire is a game I tweaked to fit my Leprechaun Day theme . It is a game called Math Parking Lot.  I did a few cute graphics on the sides and am calling it Leprechaun Lot. I don't know what kind of cars they drive, do you?
We did these cute POTS OF GOLD with Rainbows and a leprechaun riding the rainbow. We also wrote about "A Person I Treasure". They turned out really pretty.

Evan Moore has a cute Leprechaun Shape book that would be a really fun to use for spelling. The words will go on 6 little rainbow paper strips we will make into rings and write each word twice on the front of each ring. And another word twice on the back. They will be able to do 12 words. Then we will hang them up on strings in our room for March. Cute right? HERE at Evan Moore is the shape book link. I just used the front and back and had the kids glue them together with the rings stapled to the bottom. They look cute hanging in our room. I should have taken a picture!

We did another writing assignment this week; we made up funny similes, a type of metaphor,  to describe Leprechauns. My sentence frame went like this:

LEPRECHAUNS ARE AS ____________AS A ____________
and as ___________ as a __________. If I caught one I would trap him by...._____________. Then I would ask him for these 3 wishes; ____________, ___________, ____________. 
My only directions were that each sentence had to have a describing word as well as each wish. They turned out wonderful!     
 Here is our Hallway Leprechaun bulletin board
We wrote metaphors....A leprechaun is as sly as a fox!
Then we made leprechaun heads...and glittered the buckles
The kids curled orange butcher paper around their pencils before gluing them down. I like how somebody thought theirs needed a mustache....hehehe...
I gave them each a piece of green glittery shamrocks to add to their hat. 
Then we wrote the Leprechaun metaphors....and what we'd do if we caught a leprechaun.
 Then we wrote what 3 wishes we would wish for....
 They were very creative wishes!

Some wished for more than 3 wishes...that's so tricky!
Here are the Pots of gold and rainbows too.  

It's always a lot of fun on St. Patrick's Day!

Those nasty leprechauns.....they knocked over chairs, dumped out bins and
packs of crayons and even wrote a misspelled message on our board. Some
kids even found green footprints all over the bathroom sinks! 

There is also a TPT St. Patty's  Day prompt writing page that is SUPER CUTE! It is from Kimberly Santana and she gives it out free on her TPT page. Well, we also made LEPRECHAUN TRAPS. Check them on the next post!

  A fun 100s day chart to do with St. Patricks Day can be found at Little Country Kinder TPT store.  Hope your St. Patty's Day was filled with rainbows!

2 Leprechaun Hundreds Chart Hidden Picture Activities for

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day LEPRECHAUNS

This week is St. Patrick's Day. So we did some LEPRECHAUNS! These were the ones we did last year. But this years are even bigger and better! And very GREEN!
 I like to make cards for some of the holidays we celebrate. These always turn out cute. The handprints are orange paint. Then a die cut peach circle glued and the faces made by the kids. Top with a black hat, green strip of paper and a yellow square. The black inside part of the buckle is just made with black marker. Oh, and don't forget the wiggly eyes.
Then we choose from 3 kinds of stationery and write cards to our parents. 

Some really fun St. Patrick's Day Pinwheels can be found HERE at Craft Jr. It is one of my favorite sites for crafts. This one was milk and food coloring and a little DAWN dish detergent on the end of a toothpick. It will fizzle the milk pretty good if you only touch here and there in the areas of the food coloring.
Here we are doing it in my class but watch the video below to see how it's done. I use toothpicks and only touch the very edges one at a time of the dots of food coloring. It will fizz and last longer. 
 They are cool rainbow experiments to go along with your Pots of Gold!  Check it out HERE to find out how to make green Leprechaun Quicksand (Oobleck).
I made this Leprechaun and Shamrock BINGO last year for the kids to play at a center. They use the green glittery shamrocks as counters. It is filled with lots of cool vocabulary.

Gotta play a few games of Irish Bingo for St. Patrick's Day!
And we ALWAYS make leprechaun trap inventions. They are very cool and we show them off in the school library for a week. Kids have lots of fun trying to "LURE" a leprechaun to our class. I'll post them on Friday when they are due along with some of our writing leprechaun metaphor writings.
And we graph our favorite type of potatoes in math. It could be potato chips that win this year! That's my downfall.....sigh.....
Happy St. Patricks Day! 

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