Friday, April 27, 2012

Planting Vegetable Gardens

We just got done planting our Vegetable Gardens in "Peat Pots"......
The boys here are showing off their seed these Peat Pots.
 Springtime in Utah means we actually get a few tulips, daffodils and crocus coming up as soon as the snow melts. So it makes me think about my flower and vegetable gardens. And with the April showers we get, it is the perfect time to plant some seeds.
Flowers made from cupcake liners....the roots are made from string....
Everybody picked out their 2 favorite veggies to plant in their Peat Pots....

We read about Jack and Beanstalk and wrote about him last year. See it HERE.  And this year we read about a special Garden in our Literature Book. So we brainstormed what would happen if we planted some "magic" seeds?

So..... we wrote about our own magical garden where some of our most favorite foods could grow from magical seeds. We had everything from donuts and pancake plants to ice cream and pizza plants. Yummy!

The girls loved planting veggies too.

They really loved Mrs. Adams art using "string" for the cute!  Everybody labeled the parts of the plant too....

Look at that ride in Adam's Donut Garden! How fun! A donut bouncy house! 
 We made advertising POSTERS for our AMUSEMENT PARK GARDENS. Then we wrote a persuasive advertisement to go along with our poster enticing people to come to our park.
Peter's Pizza Park is FREE on Weekends!  Who could pass THAT up? 

Here's our creative writing....Lots of fun Gardens and Parks.....just like Disneyland!  

Here's a sampling...but they were all very fun to read about.....

And all these parks are such deals! Only a buck! I wish it was real life and not a fantasy park! 

Leave it to Gavin to think up a Money Garden....where  his money grows on plants!  Yay! 

Nova's and Zach's Pizza Gardens had a Pizza ferris wheel and pizza plants all over....yum!  I'd take a  BIG BITE! 

Come One, Come All! Love it! 

 I think I'd be persuaded to go and check some of these wild parks out....wouldn't you?

Narrated story of Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed...with sound effects.....

We wrote down which seeds we planted on sticks so we don't forget.....Some cute plant tag printables are HERE at Chart Jungle.

Books in my Plant unit that  I Love:
1. Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
2. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
3. Flower Garden by Eve Bunting
4. From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons
5. From Seed to Sunflower by Gerald Legg

I leave these books out on my science center and kids really do get through the whole lot of them....and some of them I read aloud.....

The book Flower Garden has such lovely of my favorites....
I found these "Peat pots" for $2.00 for a set of 22.....perfect for my classroom. Then I picked out vegetable seeds I wanted to plant indoors to do some "starts" for my own veggie garden.  The kids got to pick 2 kinds of seeds for their "starter" plants.  
Also Planting a Rainbow and The Tiny Seed.....great books for kids.

I gave them the choice of tomato, cucumber, sugar snap peas, radishes, zuchini or cilantro herb.  Most of them picked tomato or sugar snap peas, but we had quite a variety.  I placed them in this grow tray and put a grow light on them.
Their rotation with Mrs. Adams where they did a Plant Journal

And other assorted activities....

The boys liked the Plant and Seeds art project they did in science rotations.

The girls with their labeled parts of a flower....

Plants and seeds are one of my favorites! 
I hope our seeds sprout up very soon....and I better get my own garden started too!   Happy Spring Gardening!!!


Miss Trayers said...

We opted not to plant seeds this year because our curriculum did plant life cycles in December *roll eyes*. :) Now I'm jealous whenever I see such great planting activities. I might be inspired to "review" those lessons with some vegetable planting. Hmmm. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


Pattie said...

Wow, that is a lame time to have to do planting. We adopted new L.A. materials for next year, I hope they don't have the same!

Amanda Planta said...

Another cool kit is the TickleMe Plant Party Favor. Kids are now growing a real pet like plant that moves and closes its leaves when Tickled!

Dani.Oldfield said...

I love the sprout house with the Ziplock baggie, but where can I find the template for it?

Pattie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linda said...

What a fabulous unit of work. I also love the sprout houses! Would you mind sharing your template?

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