Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party

Mrs. Moss.....the ladybug.....

First and Second Grade parading through our classroom

Then we paraded through the First Grade classrooms.....

Cute Nova....I think she was a lady vampire....

And Meow! Maya the cute kitty cat...

Pretty Princess Emma...we made Halloween treat bags....

And Royal Purple Allie...we had candy corn bags, witches and Dracula bags and Frankie bags...

Yo Ho, Yo Ho....I think Trace was a Pirate....

Ninja Alien Andrew

Flint loved being an army man...with REAL dog tags! 
Mario and the witches showing off their Halloween necklace making skills....

Pin the spider on the web and hot potato pumpkin....

Boo Bingo was fun! 

Ty was an indian

Zach was Harry Potter.....

Morgan and her mom were some COOL cats! Cute Dracula bag Morgan! 

Mrs. Moss and her little bugs.....

Megan and Marisa my granddaughters came to trick or treat! 

It was a fun party.....

We also had a pumpkin bean bag toss and donuts and juice from the PTA! 

Mario Matt....

Cute witch Brynlin....

and Addie was a cute version of the  Bride of Frankenstein 

Saige's mom sewed her cute! 

And who ya gonna call? Ghostbuster Gavin! 
 We had a fun time.  Thanks to Mrs. Kenner, Mrs. Neibaur and her sister, and Mrs. Carr for helping us at our party! You ROCK! And thanks to Jamie Sandstrom and Mrs. Kim for sending some cute Halloween cookies, and to all the parents who sent bags of candy! Thanks sooooo much for supporting our party!

And if you want to see a cute utube of me and my family doing the "Thriller Park City" flash mob, check out my personal blog post from Saturday night.  It was super fun!  Click HERE.    Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Art Projects!

    I LOVE the fall season the very best. Mostly because I LOVE Halloween, the decorations, the parties, the costumes...I love it all.  So the fall craft magazines when they come out are some of my favorites.  I have stacks of them I've saved over the years.  I've made so many different crafts over the years too.

Here are some that I think would be fun and easy and cheap for teachers to do in their classrooms. They don't take a lot of materials, mostly paint and paper.  And some recycled things.
But hey, that's good for the environment, right?
This Frankie craft is from Inspire Me Crafts

Milk Jug Ghost Halloween Decoration
These milk jug luninaries are from Family Fun
Jill Dubien always has some cute art ideas....

Halloween Gift Tags for free at Click Party HERE.

A link to a cute Halloween Bingo and Match Game is HERE.

I like to do a few weeks at Halloween of each of the different fun icons of Halloween and make up a day for each one and do some thematic fun and educational activities.  I do a ghost, pumpkin, witch, Frankenstein, bats and skeleton days.    Most days have a math game, a poem, a writing project, an art and some kind of word work too. Sometimes our math has an element of "witchiness or a Frankie or two...."

Then since I ALWAYS connect writing to whatever art we are doing we decided to do some Slogan poems
on Red Ribbon Week using these fun gravestones.  We all want to be drug free, that's for sure.  Here are our funny SLOGANS FOR STAYING OFF DRUGS.  

Red Ribbon Week Activities

Staying Away from Drugs Slogans....

We added some Halloween punch outs to our Red Ribbon Week Gravestones....

The students had their choice of ACROSTIC PUMPKIN POEMS, or APOLOGY POEMS this month too. The apology poems turned out quite hilarious.  We saw apology poems on some teacher blogs and decided to try them. We read through about a dozen and the kids had lots of ideas.  The Acrostic poems are some I do every season. They are always great and easy to complete.

Halloween Apology Poetry....

So Funny! 

I read a few to them from another 2nd grade blog.....they got the idea....

Apology Poems sure were funny....

It was easy to do too once they had read a few examples....

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  I found a link to a huge cache of Halloween poetry and songs. You can fine it at kidnkaboodle.

Funny Sayings.....
Time for a coffin break.
Have a beary scary Halloween
Gone haunting.  Will return at midnight.
I witch you a Happy Halloween
May our best witches go with you
Mummy's little monster (under child's picture)
You're so boooo-tiful!

Remember the gh'oul times!
Time for a coffin break.
Have a beary scary Halloween
Gone haunting.  Will return at midnight.
I witch you a Happy Halloween
Trick or Treat! Give me something good to eat. Give me candy. Give me cake. Give me something sweet to take!
May our best witches go with you!  

Mrs. Moss' 2nd Graders October 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Jokes and Mad Libs

Halloween Mad Libs are a great way to teach Nouns and Verbs in a fun way. 

I bought a Halloween Mad Libs book to help my students learn verbs, nouns, and adjectives and the differences between them.  I copied the story frames back to back with the lists of ideas for each of the categories of nouns and verbs. The kids then did a sloppy copy, I edited them for punctuation and spelling, and they rewrote them.

My Halloween costume this year....

Then they can choose a cute Halloween Stationery and print their funny story on it for everybody to share.  Here is a site that has lots of cute stationery HERE.
Halloween bat frame
Halloween Stationery  it is great for story writing....

I found a fun website for some Halloween Jokes and Sodoku activities to use at our Halloween Party next week. The link for jokes is HERE.

My "BUGS" and I...ladybug costumes...

Halloween Bingo is a great party game for kids! 

Halloween lunch box notes
Halloween Jokes

 The link for Sodoku is HERE  and HERE.  We always make and decorate bags to fill with "loot" as they go around to the 5 centers and play the games and fill their bags with trick or treat candy.One is a Candy Corn, One is a skeleton face, one is a Frankie, One is a Witch. They always turn out cute attached to a white bag with black and orange yarn or ribbons.

Colored Halloween Bingo Printable Game Cards
Halloween Bingo Game

A fun kids BINGO song with free downloadable text and pictures I found from Deanna Jump. The link for her free song is HERE.  Another one I found is HERE at Family Crafts.  Have a fun Halloween Party! I know we will! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We are just about done with our DRIED APPLE WITCHES.  Here is Part 2 of the TUTORIAL on how to make them.
Here's a good close up of the faces, we used wiggly eyes this year, and added 2 rice for teeth to the red marker smile....

Buy a bag of small apples, peel and dip in lemon juice. Push a clove into heads for each eye (OR add wiggly eyes after they are dried). After a week poke a 1 inch piece of toothpick for the nose.  Also push in a popsicle stick into the bottom of the head when it is kinda mushy and partially dried out. Dry under a desk lamp on paper towels or marinating tray for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, rolling them over every day.

We had 3 colors of hair, rings, chenille stems and lots of different necklaces and fabrics....

Gavin and Peter's witches....

Morgan and her mom's witches and Matt's witch.....

Our newest student Zach liked doing witches too! 

Saige and Nova....The kids LOVED MAKING THEM! 

They couldn't wait to get their pictures taken with's Ty's and Brynlin's witches....

Then my lovely parents donated Halloween fabric. We need 1 square foot per student. Make a 1/2 inch slit in the middle of the square foot and place the popsicle stick & head through it. Then secure around the "neck" slit by winding the chenille stem around the stick AND neck fabric twice. Put a spider ring or bat ring on one of the arms made from the chenille stem.

Get a variety of 1 foot squares of Halloween Fabric....then let the kids choose theirs. 

Cut a 1/2 inch square slit right in the middle. 

Popsicle stick head slides right down into the slit in the fabric...then wrap a chenille stem around twice.
Notice my cute spider ring?
Next is making the witch broom and the witch hat. I had a lovely parent helper, Mrs. Kenner come in with a glue gun and helped me one day last week for an hour or so and one day this week again for an hour. We tag teamed the body and the head. Kids went from her station to mine. Here is how to do the hat and the broom.
The broom is from 1/3 of a wooden skewer with black crepe paper layered and  snipped
on the bottom and then tied around the skewer with black yarn.  Raffia works great too.

Mrs. Kenner helping us with our witches...THANKS SO MUCH! 

Here were the 2 shapes cut from black felt, cone and circle...roughly 4 inches each. 

Put a strip of hot glue down one of the 90 degree sides, then roll a cone...

Then glue the cone to the circle....It was pretty quick...I added a skinny triangle of material
to tops for a bow, topped with a yarn bow.
The black crepe paper was 2 1/2 inch squares layered, snipped & wrapped & tied on skewer pieces

Or you could use pieces of raffia 4  of the 5 inch pieces folded in half and tied on skewers....

Here I am tying the yarn around the crepe paper layers...

You can tell the kids are very proud of their witches! 

They all look a little different with hair color and material all chosen by the kids....

They also chose their arm color and "spider ring" colors and made their own necklaces out of
Oriental Trading Halloween beads  Link HERE to see and orange pony beads on string. 

I think the most popular hair color was green yarn, but they chose from purple and yellow too....
also the necklaces all turned out different... 
One hand is wrapped around the "rings" and the other around the brooms, but they are also glue gunned down to the front of the dress.  I also trimmed just a little triangle off the fronts of the dresses to round them out a little. The kids made the faces, added the wiggly eyes and I added 2 rice teeth to the smiles.

I think these Allie and Emma tried to make twin witch dolls? Don't you think they succeeded? 

Probably the 3 most different looking apple head witch dolls in the class! 

Here's how I did the hair...wrapping around my hand, then tie in the middle, then clip the round ends
& attach to top of apple with glue gun. Then hat over that....

I think this one was my head witch WITCHY LOOKING with those rice teeth!  
We've been singing "FLY FLY WITCHY" in music so I could hear kids singing it off and on while we were  making our witches while writing Halloween Puppet Shows (next post). I have read them most of these books for read alouds after lunch too. My favorite is Witch, Witch, Come to My Party! It has the most gorgeous full page art of any book I've ever seen! The kids gasped in awe as I turned the pages. Just look at the cover to get an idea!
Fun Witch Books to get us thinking about our puppet shows we are writing....Characters, Settings, Problems and Solutions...

More Witchy Literature books....and Here's my sample witches, past and present....
 Hope you loved seeing our witches as much as we've loved making them! Happy Halloween!

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